I’ve spent years online, looking for that ‘perfect’ opportunity. You know, the one that’s going to make me rich over night. Since I didn’t want to fork over any money for this magical opportunity, the natural course was affiliate links. And the truth is, affiliate links are great. The problem was,
like most newbies, I got carried away. My website had a link to every product known to man shoved into every nook and cranny–but no buyers.

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. My ads were great (at least in my opinion). My free banners were great. Just no sales. Not many visitors, either.

Then two things happened simultaneously.

First, I became an affiliate for Dish Network Satellite. Nothing new there. But as soon as I signed up, I started receiving training e-mails from them that included hundreds of links to where I could post my ads. Everything started to change. I found a whole new forum where thousands would
see my ads—and it was FREE.

I never sold to a single subscription to Dish Network, but the two minutes I spent to join were priceless because of the training and links.

Just go to the website below and click on “Affiliate Program” and join (for free, of course).

(By the way, I still promote Dish Network. I owe them a lot!)

The second thing that happened was directly because of my excitement over the Dish Network training. I started looking for more training. I began reading the newsletters I’d been deleting since the beginning of the internet. And I started learning.

The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I posted my ads every day, read all the articles I’d received, then searched for more business
newsletters where I could subscribe for free, which includes most of them.

I started following their advice as best as I could. I cleaned up my web site to a professional level. I started a newsletter of my own. I
started reading e-books from the masters. Free ones at first, then some I actually paid for. They were worth every cent!

I fell in love with the newsletters and e-books. Especially since almost all are were written for people just like me. I still wasn’t making any sales yet, but because of the daily postings my site
statistics had gone from about 100 a month to 10,000 a month, which made the search engines take notice.

I started getting visitors from search engines!

Then one day, after reading several articles, it all came together. I honestly don’t remember whose article it was, or if it was even one in particular, but it made me realize that the ads I was posting every day weren’t to buyers. They were to people just like me; people looking for opportunities to make money online. They weren’t going to buy my satellite dish, or my golf bags, or magazines or
toilet bowl cleaner. They wanted the same thing I did.

Information on how to make money.

I went into a frenzie of looking for and joining even more of the guru’s newsletters. I figured they had more information than just about anyone. I now subscribe to about 30 of them, and believe it or not, I read everyone of them religiously.

Then I started searching for ‘information products’. Products that would help people like me.

I joined Clickbank (, where there’s a wealth of information products to sell, and you only have to join once (for free) to get access to about 10,000 items.

You get the graphics, if you want them, or text ads, and just by typing in your user name, you get a personalized link right on the spot. But the best part is, you link straight to the ‘gurus’ sales
page, and they literally make the sale for you.

(A side note: I don’t make anything for referring you to Clickbank).

I didn’t know exactly what I’d done right, until I sat down and analyzed what had changed (another lesson I learned from the gurus). I realized that I’d gotten rid of most of my other products, and I had become FOCUSED in one area…helping others.

And that’s when I started getting paychecks….

Sue Rich

My home site:

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Sue Rich, award-winning author of eleven novels and two e-books, has owned and operated for three years. Her site offers free writing lessons for aspiring writers, and free training for budding entreprenuers.

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