Quit Smoking – Have You Had Enough Acrolein Yet?

When you go into your favourite fast food restaurant spare a thought for the staff. The oils in the deep fryers give off a mist of a toxic chemical called Acrolein. It sticks to their clothes and is considered to cause cancer.

By the way your deep fried food is full of this chemical.

By the way again cigarette smoke also contains Acrolein, not just the smoke that’s comes off the cigarette but also the smoke that has been in your lungs.

And not just your lungs, but it gets absorbed into blood stream, where it travels to your cells and makes them explode. Well maybe not explode but it does them no good at all.

That’s just one chemical that you breathe in when you smoke. If I listed them all this would be a very long article, as there are at least 3999 more.

That’s right, every single time you take a drag on a cigarette you are sucking 4000 plus chemicals into your lungs and most of them are crossing over into your blood stream.

From there they travel into every remote corner of your body, doing their best to harm you.

I’m sure you knew that smoking was bad for you, and now you know the news is worse. Many of these chemicals no one knows exactly what they do. All we know is they shouldn’t be in your body.

So if you quit smoking and perhaps avoid fast food restaurants then you won’t be experiencing any of these chemicals.

Then your blood would be able to carry the things it was supposed to, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and white cells for example. Then it could do the things it is supposed to do, such as produce energy, and move you around the planet more efficiency.

The net result is that if you quit smoking you will feel healthier in every way, so who wouldn’t want that? Everybody right?

Well why are so many people still sucking in Acrolein, or as we like to call it, smoking! Because humans are excellent at hiding their heads in the sand, and pretending that all is well, even if their lungs are collapsing around them.

If you are ready to pull your head out of the sand, then hypnosis is your very best option to quickly and successfully quit smoking, all that is left to do is decide and then to take action.

Source by Ian Newton

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