Dot Money, By: Eric Majors – Book Review

Author: Eric Majors

ISBN: 978-0986291708

Pages: 245

Genre: Finance/Economics

This book is about a new currency.

Dot Money is a revolutionary look at the way America deals with money. Eric Majors, a financial markets expert, details a provocative new way to change the American economy that will benefit the rich and the poor alike.

Majors explains how the American economy has not benefited everyone, and how that can be changed with his new economic system. The poor and middle-class have stagnant wages while inflation increases. Even the wealthy are disadvantaged by being at the mercy of an unpredictable stock market.

Majors’ solutions to the problems of the economy are varied and unique new ways to reinvent the economy. Majors proposes that Dot Money could be used as a virtual currency similar to Bitcoin that can help stabilize the global economy. He proposes a mix of conservative and liberal economic theories to help the economy. Majors wants the United States to produce more money to stop borrowing from other countries to reduce debt. The author advocates ending the income tax to help spur economic growth. Majors also hypothesizes about issuing a monthly stipend to low-income Americans to help revitalize the economy.

Dot Money is a book that will undoubtedly spark conversation about the state of the American economy. Majors presents a cohesive plan that is as spiritual as it is financially sound. The spiritual aspects of the book makes Dot Money a perfect book for people who want financial advice with a spiritual side, similar to the books by money expert Dave Ramsey.

This book is also a rare financial book that doesn’t have a political agenda. Fans of conservative economist Adam Smith and followers of liberal economist John Maynard Keynes will both find aspects of Dot Money that they will agree with wholeheartedly. Majors makes complex economic issues easy to understand with his uncomplicated, real-world examples about the global economy in his book. Even readers who are not financial experts will be educated by Dot Money.

This book would be an excellent addition to any reader’s finance or economics book collection. Fans of economist writers like Paul Krugman will want to read Dot Money. Majors also has created a timely book that will further the conversation about virtual currency in a global economy. For anyone trying to understand our modern economy and its globalized structure, this book is a must read!

Source by Nicole Sorkin

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