Use Your Inner Power to Attract Money

You can use your inner power and imagination to begin to attract money into your life, but part of this starts with your evaluation of your own personal relationship with money. Do you think that people who have more money than you are evil, or that they don’t deserve it? Do you think that poor people were somehow bad and they are being punished for it? Do you think that lack of greed, or the desire not to have too money is putting you in the financial position that you are in right now?

The real key to being able to attract money, after you have taken a good, close look at your own relationship to it, is to start imagining how you could change your life, the lives of your family members, your friends, and maybe even strangers by having more money. If you were to attract a lot more money than you need to pay the bills, could you even imagine the joy it could bring to so many peoples’ lives?

If you are to attract money in abundance, and certainly a lot more than is required to pay off your bills, you will have to work at it by changing your attitude, your feelings about money, and your expectations about what being “rich” really means. Only then, will you see the checks start rolling in.

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