Best Genital Warts Treatment – Apple Cider Vinegar, Onion Juice Or Garlic

In case you are one of those infected, please don’t panic, there are some good and effective ways to remove genital warts. There were good results recorded for these three treatment solution in this article.

Genital warts is an STD (Sexually transmitted disease) and are highly contagious, mostly they are spread via sexual contact. The actual warts in your genital areas are the result (symptoms in other words) of HPV (Human Pappilomavirus) which can be very depressing and embarrassing. Even though the symptoms can be treated and removed, there is still no cure for the virus. Meanwhile the virus can cause symptom outbreaks return. The best thing genital warts treatment can do is to counteract the HPV and therefore minimize the chance of symptom return after the treatment.

Feel free to try any of these three:

1) Best genital warts treatment that is natural and cheap might be Apple cider vinegar, it’s natural and cheap. Just grab a cotton ball and soak it in the clean vinegar, then apply it right onto the parts of your body that are infected. Next step involves covering the medicated areas with clean sterile bandage or gauze. You can use surgical tape to fixate the bandage on the right place. Leave it as it is for the night and take it off in the morning followed by rinsing the affected parts with warm water. Repeat the treatment every night and for about a week or two and then see if your condition has improved. Do not overdo this because it can cause skin burning and itching as a side effect.

2) Onion juice can also be used to remove genital warts in a naturally. Make sufficient amount of onion slices and put a small amount of salt onto the slices. Keep it like that for around 8-10 hours to allow salt to suck out some juice from the onion pieces. Again, use the cotton piece to apply the onion juice onto the genital warts. Repeat this procedure in every 5 hours.

3) Garlic is a good solution when it comes to treating genital warts. To implement it you will have to grind few pieces of garlic and then apply it onto the symptom affected areas. Don’t worry if you will feel a bit of skin burning, you can’t avoid it using this treatment method. Also don’t overdo, use common sense. Each garlic procedure should take roughly 10 minutes and then washed off with warm water of using a cotton ball. You should carry on with these procedures until the warts go away.

If you want to make genital warts treatment process easy and safe, you might be interested in solution that already has helped thousands of people all over the world. Medical studies show that this treatment has an amazing 96% success rate in average.

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