Mold Removal: Could Toxins Be Affecting Your Health?

Mold removal is a serious topic that probably gets less media coverage than it deserves. While many forms of the growth are harmless to the health, the black mold strains can cause serious illnesses in those who have been exposed. Even tamer spores can cause problems in people prone to allergies. And even those strains unlikely to affect your health can cause damage to your home’s structure. Any way you look at it, this is not something you want climbing the walls. If you’re concerned primarily with your health, however, here is a look at some signs that you could have a problem.

Mold removal is necessary when there are any of the more dangerous forms of the black spores in the home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as obvious as it may seem. The growth is attracted to dark, damp areas, which are—by definition—not the places you’ll typically be examining on a daily basis. This means the growth has the opportunity to hide away for a long time before anyone happens to notice. If it is of the more dangerous strains, that means it could be affecting your health before you even know it is present.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms such as difficulty breathing, unexplained nausea, irregular heartbeat, an increase in infections or hair loss, these could be signs that mold removal needs to take place. Naturally, any of these symptoms should be examined and diagnosed by a doctor before anything else. But if the doctor can’t give you a root cause for the symptoms you’re experiencing, you’ll have to look deeper. This may mean examining your home for likely areas where fungal growth could be taking place. Look in your basement, your bathroom, the areas by your windows, and other places where darkness and water tend to congregate.

If and when you do find the growth, your best bet is to call in a mold removal professional. There are tutorials and guidelines published all over the place advising homeowners on how to clean their own growth away, but if you’re dealing with one of the more dangerous strains, this is highly inadvisable. Even if you are able to successfully clean the mold, what are you going to do to keep it from returning? How do you know you got it all? These questions are difficult to answer and they are the reasons why you should trust mediation to professionals who have been trained to do this job. By hiring them, you’ll get removal and prevention in one package.

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