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@Know Pathogen
@Famed AIDS Researcher Is Racing to Find a Coronavirus Treatment
@Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
@Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Sponsored BioTech (funding also from NIH, US Military) *Unique Medicine and Vaccine
@Clinical Trial Phase III in many countries to cure covid-19 – Hydroxychloroquine SULFATE(Donald Trump mentioned once), remdesivir
@‘It’s a razor’s edge we’re walking’: inside the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine
@Ideas worth spreading 5 years ago – The next outbreak? We’re not ready|Bill Gates
@Money will create value for you only if you have FAITH to defeat the temporary disruption
@Know virus form – why virus try to contribute themselves to manufacture protein with us by using their spike protein?
@Nothing Is More Valuable Than Your Health
@How Your Focus AFFECTS Your Health?
@You are the head of AI, link timeline of event-puzzle pieces for your own legacy of prosperity
@Why we can accelerate vaccine development? To understand it, please read the context first and watch the video at end HERE
@Your thought is your reality, change your words; change your life.
@The big bang switch is vaccine & Financial Conerstone. The met·a·phor (play it well beforehand, win it before a war starts…) – see it before it is materialized. Understand what he said even he swings back and forth like stock trading….
@Antiviral drugs are a class of medication used for treating viral infections.
@It is what we do that defines us. (A wise man says…)
@It is better to have a stream of river run through us daily than the fireworks blow all over our head randomly. Another puzzle piece revealed.
@A fintech company helps fortune distribution. (Rationale for that.)
@Why Warren Buffett matters more than ever on his 90th birthday (Listen to his words then you know time, money, health…living under the sun)
@Millionaire Training Programs.


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