How to Make Money Your Servant

Money is the best servant and the worst master. There is nothing more true than the preceding statement. Money can be a servant to Mr. A and a master to Mr. B; it all depends on how we handle it and the perspective at which we see it. Money is meant to be controlled and used wisely. Often times, i discover that, it is the poor that usually make money their master because it is kind of scarce among them. The scope of this article is basically about how to make money your servant; that is how to make money work for you even when you are asleep. First, I am going to give you few basic steps in creating this money:

o Look for a need to meet; create value people will be wiling to pay for.

o Put yourself in the position to meet the need

o Innovate ways to meet the need

With the aforementioned steps, money will always be flowing in your way because wealth always flows towards the direction of value. It is after this that we can then start thinking of how to make the money we are getting as a payment or reward for the value we are creating. You may be asking, how does money really work for someone? The answer is not far fetched; money works for you when you don’t have to be physically present in a place before you make money or get paid. For example, I don’t have to be in the stock market when i am being paid my dividends. The basic way to make money work for you is through Investment. Money invested will always work for you now and in the future. There are several things you could invest your money into, for example:

o Shares

o Bonds

o Treasury Bills

o Small Businesses

o Real Estate or Property Market

o Metals like Gold, Silver, etc

o Crude Oil

o Forex Market

o Grains

o And many others

When you invest, your money stands for you and you don’t have to be physically present to do the business you have invested in but you get returns based on the agreed terms regularly. It is advisable; you invest if you intend to have a great financial freedom. Making money work for you is like saving for the rainy day. Everyone will definitely get to a point in the future when they are not physically strong to work for somebody or for themselves because of old age. In such periods, the major surviving tool to keep alive would be the money you have kept aside to work for you long before then.

I strongly encourage you to start thinking of making money work for you and in case you are still contemplating ‘if to’ or ‘if not to start’, here are some reasons why you should start now. Putting your money to work for you helps you:

o Prepare for retirement

o Put an inheritance in place for your children’s children

o Provide for yourself when you are too sick or too old to go to work

o Do good without bitterness

o Become financially free

o Live beyond your salary and business profits

The mindset that you have money somewhere working for you even sets you free from some bondages and gives you options every time. In recap, I said: create value to get money and invest the money you get.

Source by Charles Omofomwan

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