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Everybody wants it … everybody needs it. Traffic. In essence your business can’t survive online without it. This let’s everyone searching for the best ways to increase website traffic as quickly and painlessly as possible. In the following I’ll share some little tricks to help increase traffic.

Link Exchange
Exchange links with other sites that relate to yours. Look for other sites that could be of interest to your visitors. Avoid one of the most common mistakes of naming the filename of your link exchange page ‘links’. This is one mistake that is often made and can save future problems from occurring. It is also a good idea to organize your link exchange page. Break the links down into categories such as Internet Marketing, Shopping, Business Opportunities and so on. You can also move in on the keywords that you’re trying to rank with by using them in your link exchanges. An example of this would be if you were trying to rank high with the keywords scrapbooking at home you would use those words in your exchange.

Directory Listings
Some of the best advertising available online would be getting listed in directories. This doesn’t mean submitting to search engines. If you write quality ad copies and build a quality site; the important search engines will find you. What I am talking about is directories that you pay to be listed in. A good example of this is These types of directories you pay to be listed for a certain amount of time. Some are weekly, monthly or in this case are yearly. This is also an excellent way to get those ‘back links’ to help you rank better in search engines.

Website Design
There are a few details that you can add to each web page to help increase search engine traffic and in turn increase targeted traffic to your website.

Title tags Use your targeted keywords for the title. The HTML code for your title tags should look like the following:

< html > < head > < title > Your page title (keywords) here < /title >

Meta tags Again, you can use your keywords in the meta tags and describe each page within them. The HTML code for your meta tags should look like the following:

< html > < head > < title > Your page title (keywords) here < /title >

Alt Tags Use these to describe your pictures on your website. Two things happen when you use these. First search engines can’t ‘read’ pictures so this gives the search engines text to read. Secondly, some visitors may have graphics turned off and instead of getting the dreaded red x they’ll see the text. Alt tags for images should look like this:

< IMG SRC="" ALT="Words to describe image here." >

Website Content
If you don’t utilize any of the tips I’ve mentioned so far please make absolute sure you follow this. This is one of THE most important factors needed to increase online traffic. You must have quality content. I can’t express exactly how important this is to the targeted traffic you receive. Make sure the content on each page is relevant to your site, to your title and meta tags and most importantly to your visitors. Don’t have your title tag horses and make the site about dogs. If your site is about horses, make sure you write about horses. Search engines love text. The more quality text you have the better. Don’t forget to have those keywords in your content!

This tip always makes everyone run and hide when they see it. It’s not really as hard as you think. Hopefully, your website is something you know about. So, if you know about it; write about it. Article writing is your own little arsenal for back links. There are tons of places online that you can submit your articles to for free. There are also tons of people out there searching for free content. It’s a win-win situation. They get the content and you get the exposure. There is a list of places to submit your articles to located at

Be sure to include a bio at the end of the article. Include your Web site URL in the bio. Make it a condition for free publication that the article appears with bio and business link. A bio is a short paragraph about you, your business and of course a link to your website. You can view an example bio at the end of this article. The good thing about article writing is that it establishes you as the expert and therefore increases the chances of people visiting your website.

Still looking for more traffic secrets? Aren’t we all?!? For even more secrets to Non-Stop, FREE Targeted Traffic, I highly recommend taking a look at author Jim Edwards’s book Turn Words Into Traffic ( The targeted traffic it brings you is as good or better than anything you could pay for … except you don’t have to pay for it! Check it out; you’ll be glad you did ;).

Don’t be too quick to jump at every program available that might help increase your online traffic. Stop by and find out what NOT TO DO too

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