Medical transcription has made its way to the android medical apps

In the
proceedings, the audio files from the doctors and medical companies are
transcribed into text formats and used for treating the patients
further. This segment is in practice since years and many technological
developments have led a smooth functioning of the medical clinics and
hospitals. Android medical apps are an add-on to the same. The apps help simply to cut off time of the transcription process and achieve accuracy.

is the company that has made this technological break-through with the
apps. The app allows the medical experts to record the medical
dictation, and then the file is converted into a format compatible with
the system of the transcription company. The main advantage of the app
is that, it lets you directly stream the dictations to the appointed
company and they can pick it without involving the waiting. This helps
the transcription companies to give the reports or the transcripts at a
faster rate. The entire process takes place on a better pace and the
company that transcribes can give a high quality of the results, as they
have to maintain the clients.

It becomes extremely convenient for
those doctors who didn’t have any options to outsource. They can now
easily outsource their files to the companies that offer transcription
services from any corner of the globe. This enables occurrence of a
quicker process. They just record the dictation and within no time the
result transcript is received. Nowadays, people have become tech-savvy
all over the world. A new apple fever is spreading across. The apple
iPhone 4 releases has gripped the entire gadget industry, they explore
different application in the market. Along with that the android market
has also been offering the app. The iPhone medical apps
are easiest apps to use. All that need to be done is download the app
and start using. For medical transcription, the application is free of
charge when downloaded, it charges only when you start recording the
dictation by words per second.

There are many factors on the positive side of the transcription Medical apps
on phone. You can record and dictate from any place possible you don’t
have to be at your office or clinic. The smart user can use the app to
the best benefit for him-self. As it is said that ‘health is wealth’,
having such convenience in your palms helps in keeping the motto alive.
Although medical help is not always needed, but there are times when
things like the apps comes into use.

The medical apps form the mobile phone rule the medical industry now. Below are few of the Android medical apps mentioned that can be useful to you:

Jog Tracker 1.0.4
  It is a free Best Android health app having a very simple function-
it can measure your running distance and time. Many regular joggers make
the best use of this since, they need to record how much calories have
they burned in what time and what distance.

This app lists pretty much every single prescription and
over-the-counter medicine that you cannot locate in your first aid box.
It also gives prescription information. Such apps help to make the
people independent and ready for emergency.

Orra Health is a unique transcription software application from Acroseas Global Solutions, a pioneer in medical transcription services. for more information visit here:

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