paper-trailing the real truth (with IMAGE LINKS) & then there's the UNDERSIGHTED "OVERSIGHT" COMMITTEE on michael cohen — a review of the many WHITE MEN from the state of IDIOTICA, scott richard: money

paper-trailing the real truth (with IMAGE LINKS) & then there’s the UNDERSIGHTED “OVERSIGHT” COMMITTEE on michael cohen — a review of the many WHITE MEN from the state of IDIOTICA, scott richard

paper-trailing the real truth (with IMAGE LINKS)  & then there's the UNDERSIGHTED

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call it what you want (the golden fist)
foster the people

so the committee for oversight had a lot of white men from the state of IDIOTICA who kept saying things about BOOK DEALS and MOVIES and TALK SHOWS.

which has nothing to do with america, but instead with the profiteering efforts of a CROOK and his compadres.

doesn’t it seem strange to spend ALL your time at an OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE talking about some CRIMINAL’s future career? doesn’t that seem like a TRUE OVERSIGHT???

seriously, is that the point of this committee for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the rest of the world that is waiting for us to see how fking ugly we are?

was this hearing really just to find out what the lying sack of sht COHEN is going to do with his future?

whatta joke. classic DISEASE of the bipartisan sickos.
and the worst part is that these guys who are trying to make him look SOOOOO BAD is the very same guy that rigged a TON of SHADY/CRIMINAL deals for their said savior — DUMPTRUCK PRESIDENT — for the past TEN FKING YEARS!!!!!
so if he’s sooo bad, what about the AHOE he’s been running around covering sht up for the past TEN FKING YEARS?!?!?!?

fking HYPOSHITZ!!!! i think white neck republicans are the worst breed in show…

so far these WHITE AHOES with their specific and personal agendas that don’t follow the AMERICAN VALUES or REPRESENT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN have said and done nothing. and i’ve been bearing through the fk load of losers who don’t belong in AMERICA because they are FKING ANTI-AMERICAN and have taken over political positions without being AMERICAN!!!!

anyway, one WOMAN finally got COHEN to say that he was PAID HUSH MONEY AND HAS ELEVEN CHECKS TO PROVE IT. ironically, these were pushed through a shell company and CANNOT EVER BE PROVEN TO REPRESENT THOSE PAYMENTS. and any lawyer knows this, so it’a just a red herring for the american public to fight over BUT NEVER PROVE… typical lawyer crookery. a total set up for everyone…

but one thing that is UTTERLY CLEAR is that the average AMERICANS are totally comfortable with their IDENTITY as a NATION OF FINKS but oddly, they don’t look in the mirror much. and that would be scary because WE’VE PRETTY MUCH TURNED INTO DORIAN GRAY’s portrait.

so to all the FINKS:

comey belongs in jail for the rest of his life.
so does cohen.
so does trump.
so do any and ALL oligarchs who conduct CRIMINALITY AND CROOKERY.
further, CROOKERY should be punished MORE than CRIMINALITY for the next TEN YEARS.

or, we can continue to EMBRACE our OLIGARCHS and their vast ungoodly GAINS and step into the future to war against the world… yawn. people are sooooo boring.

and for the record, lawyers are NEVER sorry for what they did.
you don’t become a lawyer if you have the capability of “feeling” for others.
it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, lawyers are either trying to make up for their fundamental lack of feelings (liberal hollows) or they are maximizing their lack of feelings (corporate and criminal).

so why would so many WHITE MEN from IDIOTICA keep asking this question?
oh yeah, because they’re from IDIOTICA.

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