Everyone predicts the fall of bitcoin, and NASDAQ says: I m entering: money

Everyone predicts the fall of bitcoin, and NASDAQ says: I m entering

Everyone predicts the fall of bitcoin, and NASDAQ says: I m entering

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Bloomberg reveals that the American NASDAQ stock exchange is planning futures for Bitcoin in the first quarter of next year. Behind this decision, there is a constant interest in cryptocurrencies, despite recent declines.

Not only that, few people remember the last year’s bitcoin, which in December 2017 reached the limit of almost 20,000. dollars , today the most popular digital money counts more declines. In November, he flew below 5,000. dollars , which last took place in October a year ago.

The fall expected in hundreds of ways.

And although we have become accustomed to the fact that every now and then someone predicts the death of cryptocurrencies with the most popular bitcoin at the forefront, now there are many more such voices – in the era of these declines. The future of bitcoin in dark colors can be seen even by the most famous whistleblower of the world, Edward Snowden. Although he sees the causes of the fall somewhere else:

Everyone focuses on the limitations of scalability and the maximum number of transactions per second when talking about the main problems of bitcoin. And yes, it is one of the biggest challenges and limitations. Few, however, see a much larger structural BTC deficiency, which can not really be fixed – this problem is entirely public bitcoin network – says Edward Snowden .

Future contracts for bitcoins change the perspective.

And perhaps a merry-go-round with gossip and speculations about declines and increases in cryptocurrencies would continue to move if not for Bloomberg’s news of launching a new product by NASDAQ. These are futures for bitcoins. That is nothing more than a sales contract, in which the buyer undertakes to purchase, and the seller to sell at a strictly defined, future time, at a strictly defined price at the time of the transaction.

The stock market management company in New York has not scared the last cryptocurrencies down.

At NASDAQ they thought about it earlier.

Now, NASDAQ is doubling up to allay the concerns of the US main swap transaction office (an agreement between two partners, defining the principles of mutual payments, depending on a particular market parameter, e.g. interest rate, exchange rate), Commodity Futures Trading Commission, before signing contracts for futures on bitcoins.

This is not the first time that NASDAQ is knocking on the CFTC door in the matter of bitcoin. It started a year ago – when the chicago exchange CME tried for a similar acceptance of the CFTC. And such consent from the CFTC was obtained by both the CME exchange and CBOE. Futures contracts for bitcoins were to be launched in mid-2018. The possibility of manipulating the crypto market was a brake. Now NASDAQ speaks of the first quarter of 2019.

Everyone predicts the fall of bitcoin, and NASDAQ says: I’m entering



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