Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018: make money

Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018

Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
Fortune Brainstorm Tech

10:00 AM
Meet the Internet of value, where digital dollars and cryptocoins zip around the world in an instant. Big businesses are itching for modernized payment rails, and consumers are exploring new money-moving options, including peer-to-peer alternatives. Quicker, cheaper financial transactions are right around the corner—and these are three of the companies making it happen.
Asheesh Birla, SVP Product, Ripple
Claire Hughes Johnson, COO, Stripe
Bridget van Kralingen, SVP, Global Industries, Platform, and Blockchain, IBM
Moderator: Jen Wieczner, Senior Writer, Fortune

Photograph by Michael Faas/Fortune

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