Make Few Hundreds With This 6-Step Viral Method!: sustainable online business

Make Few Hundreds With This 6-Step Viral Method!

Make Few Hundreds With This 6-Step Viral Method!

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Making money online here-and-there is easy. There are many tricks in the net that would make you money if you put them in place. I’ll show you one of them here.

It should not take more than an hour to do this, but the result could be phenomenal if done right. So let’s go:

Step 1

You are going to find an event that you are going to be targeting for the viral “one-day” profit method. I recommend using sports events because we all know: Americans are crazy for sports.

Heads on between two teams are not going to get as much traffic. But hundreds will still be searching it. That generate at least a few hundred in profit.

Step 2

You are going to buy an Exact match domain name. I recommend a unique domain name for every event. Because domains targeting many events are usually blacklisted. Any extension does fine in this case!

You are going to create a simple landing page and then put a redirection script like below:

Step 3

You’re going to need to find a CPA offer that is relevant to the niche. Usually, there are offers for large events.

What if there is no offer for the specific event that you are targeting? In that case, try to use a normal offer that is relevant to sports. Or whatever niche that you’re going to be targeting.

Step 4

You are going to be taking advantage of Facebook to drive traffic. Facebook becomes full of hype and predictions over the Super Bowl weekend. Which means these events excite people. These people will do anything to see the Super Bowl. Well, you’re going to be using a little trick to steal traffic and place ourselves on the top of other pages.

Create a Facebook account, a new one that you never used for anything else before. A clean, fresh slate.

Step 5

As soon as you do so, visit, an auto-liker.

Click on “Get an Access Token”, and then if prompted, do it once more. They will redirect you to Facebook, where you should login to your fake account. You’ll see quite a few prompts come up asking if you want to allow this app to access your account. Allow it, since it is a fake account, and continue.

Step 6

Now that we’re done with that, you’re going to find a page that you’re targeting. (Like the NFL fan page: close to 13 million hungry fans, all waiting for the next post. )

Find a status or photo updates from the page, and comment something around the lines of: “Hey guys, found this nice site to stream the game: [yourURL] – thumbs up if it worked for you. Cheers!”

As soon as you comment, click the time stamp, and get the direct link to your comment. I have pointed this out on the image below, in case of any misunderstandings.

You’ll land on a URL that is similar to this:

You’re going to want to copy the parts that are important and necessary for the method. Copy everything after “/posts/” and everything before “?comment_id” (10152864380916263). For the second code, copy everything after “comment_id=” and everything before “&offset” (10152864397501263). Connect these two codes with an underscore, like so: 10152864380916263_10152864397501263

Let’s head back to LikeLikeGo, and paste the new code we got into the box…

Now click “Get Likes”, and give it a few seconds to process the request.

After submitting it, you should see the likes rolling in. And it generally processes the likes in “chunks”, so 15 or so at a time, over the period of 15 seconds. Your comment is now on the top!

Exposed to millions (and their friends, who they share the posts to) in only a few minutes. And now we’re on the top of the results for the comments, and now you can sit back, relax and see your commissions rolling in!

The method discussed is a one-time money making system. It will make you some money but it will not build a sustainable business.

If you want to build a sustainable online business you need to play a different ball game. Click here if you are interested to build your business that will make you money years to come!

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