365 Day 268 – My blessings…: key to happiness in life

365 Day 268 – My blessings…

365 Day 268 - My blessings...

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When I saw the topic for today, I thought to myself, where do I begin?

I would have to say that it begins with my grandparents (Nana and Papa). I was so blessed that they gave up their empty nest years to raise four grandchildren. Without the two in this picture, I would NOT have had my precious life I have today. I think to myself, would I be so willing to do the same if put in their shoes. We were “poor” but one thing for sure, they loved us.

What you can’t see in this picture is my mother who is my grandmother’s lap. So I would have to say I am blessed she didn’t want me.

I can not close without saying that I am blessed to have my family of whom I treasure with all my heart and all my friends – the key to happiness in life.

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