Online Business Or Third World?

Somehow on the continent of Europe we do switch more slowly over to all the advantages that the Internet has to offer. It remains a mystery to me that any major innovation has its origin in America. Any form of technology seems to have emerged in America and if not, then you will see that new technology is always faster and only available to the U.S. market. According to me this has to do with the fact that the U.S. market is by far the biggest consumer market and seems almost insatiable. Or are Americans just more curious and enterprising to try new things in general?

If you look at Internet and the using of Internet then it is no secret that the Americans are leading. Both in the development as well in using internet. In the Netherlands we finally seem to realize that the Internet is indeed reliable and has become an indispensable element for a healthy business. But still there remain countries in eastern and southern Europe which stay far behind. And I obviously do not speak about the Far East and Africa.

Does this perhaps suggests that the leaders of major brick and mortar companies in Europe are from a generation which is still used to work with pen and paper, a fax and large meeting rooms. In other words, in my opinion the conversion they should do to jump on the train called the 21st century seems to be a mountain too high and given the relatively short time of their leadership it looks like that such a conversion is not even desired. At least not for them. It seems that Americans are simply a lot faster. Careers in America are more quickly achieved and in this rat race, younger managers seems to feel like a fish in the water. While the average age of a European Manager is as around 55 years, it is in America around 45.

So where once Europe had built up a lead when it comes to prosperity, welfare and technology we slip further and further down to a level of the third world. Provided that many countries in the third world have a natural prosperity of which we in Europe can only dream about. The only way to avoid such a doomsday scenario is to focus on new technologies and to be leading in the field of online business.

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Johan Oudeman is the founder of Ninefoot island casuals an international fast growing clothing brand. Ninefoot island casuals is sold exclusively over internet and presented in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Next to this the customer can choose between three currency, the US Dollar, English Pound and the European Euro. Johan Oudeman is well known as an institute there where we are talking about online business.

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