Which Online Business is Right For You?

Unlike the corporate job market, the internet job market is thriving with opportunities in every sector. There are so many in fact, that it can be a bit of a daunting task figuring out just where you fit in. Before reading through the following descriptions, answer the questions below to help you find out which industry you’re suited to best.

1. How much time will you devote to your venture each week?

2. How much effort are you willing to put forth?

3. What specific experience, skills or talents do you have?

4. How much money are you prepared to invest?

5. How much money would you like to make on an annual basis?

Freelance Artist

Whether you’re a writer, photographer or graphic designer you can work online part-time or fulltime. There is a lot of competition here so you’ll need to put quite a bit of effort into marketing in order to get business. This is also an area where you’ll need to have or obtain specific skills to succeed. You could write ads for marketing companies with very little experience and you don’t need to invest much money to get started online. Your earnings are determined by the time and effort put in and will grow with experience.

Network Marketer

This is also something that can be done part-time or fulltime. If you join a successful company then you should be able to make passive income once established. A proven duplicable marketing system should make it possible for you to put in less effort and make more money over time. Marketing skills are helpful, but not necessary where there are good training programs. You need to invest little to no money to get started and can make a multiple six figure income each year.

Online Retailer

With this option you can open your own online store or simply sell merchandise with existing merchants like eBay. This again is something you can do as often or as little as you like. Running your own online store will take regular effort and time to maintain and you’ll need to purchase merchandise in order to sell it, but you can make a significant income if you focus on a niche market.

These are only three of several opportunities available on the internet. In the international marketplace there is room for everyone to find success.

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