Wellness Newsletter Articles that Work for Your Workplace

There is no point in giving a company wellness newsletter to your employees unless it includes wellness newsletter articles “that work”. By this I mean the wellness newsletter articles actually give your employees–and family members who will surely read them–useful and practical information they can use right away. This is not an easy task, but I can tell you how to get started and in time become a real pro at the process.

First, I would head to your local drug store and grab five or six magazines on a variety of work, wellness, family, parenting, money, and other related topics. Sit back and lightly skim articles in these magazines. You are not going to copy articles, but you are going to cheat a little bit by look for the “story behind stories” –the undiscovered gem that other authors have recently missed..

Here is an example.

A couple days ago I was in Boston’s Logan’s Airport. I picked up and purchased “Parenting Magazine”. I was looking for article ideas. The very first think I did was to take out a pen and (with it in my mouth) read articles for their content, but always asking “why” is that true, or “what” causes that to be the case. These are the stories behind the stories.

Okay! Live example – watch how I find the wellness newsletter articles that make the article worth reading. . . .

The title of the article in Parenting magazine simple, but it discussing a poll on whether parents should volunteer at their child’s school, and indeed, whether they should be forced to do it. Whatever you think of this idea, the article that came to mind was “Seven Ways to Volunteer for Your Child’s School and Never Set Foot on Campus”. I thought I would offer seven ideas for how parents can “help” without having to take off work.

Are you getting my point? Now, tell me if wellness newsletter articles on topics like you see above won’t have a great chance of helping guilt-ridden parents who are so busy that they can’t get away from their jobs to help their kid’s school. They will certainly want to know about these ways of helping their child’s school without lifting a physical finger. Now, you will feel great know you can write wellness newsletter articles like this.

Your objective in writing wellness newsletter articles that get remembered is to improve employee wellbeing, morale, productivity, and reduce workforce behavioral risk and safety matters.

Wellness newsletter articles that work allow employees to act on the information and take it home to show others. Are you getting the hang of this? You can easily come up with wellness newsletter articles by reading journals and keeping one eye open for opportunities and ways to break your writer’s block by asking “why”, “what causes that”, and “is their anything in my personal experience that conjures up for me a question” about what I am reading.

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