How to Sell Articles – Latest 5 Nifty Ways to Sell Your Articles

Writing and selling your articles is now one of the most lucrative ways to make money over the internet. There are so many ebusiness owners and even affiliate marketers who want to use article marketing (the most effective content base marketing solution today) but don’t have the skills nor the patience to write.

If you have certain way with words and if you have the capability to create articles that sound like pros, you can write and sell your articles online. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Join freelancing sites. Today, there are so many freelancing sites over the World Wide Web where you can meet a lot of buyers who are looking for part-time or full-time ghostwriters. Join these sites (I recommend that you join those that offer free memberships) and bid on writing projects. If you are just starting out, you may want to bid lower compare to your competitors to increase your chances of winning a project.

2. Create an online portfolio. You can also attract clients to buy your articles by simply creating an online portfolio. Write numerous articles on most popular topics and post them on article submission sites like On your resource box, make it clear that you are selling your articles. If your readers are impressed with your content, you can be assured that they’ll consider doing business with you.

3. Advertise. You can advertise on article submission sites, relevant blogs and forums, social networking sites, and even on search engines. Make sure that your ads are compelling, attention-grabbing, and well-written. Whenever possible, communicate the benefits that you can offer and your competitive advantage.

4. Contact potential buyers. Research websites with themes or topics that you know very well. Then, email the webmasters and offer them your writing services. It’s important that you give these people article samples so they can gauge if you are indeed a perfect fit to their needs. Should they become interested, you can negotiate on the price. Depending on the word requirement, research needed, and your skill level, you can charge $3-$20 per article. For your protection, make sure that you use escrow services before you start writing.

5. Create your own website. You can get your prospects to come to you by creating your own website. To easily impress your visitors, make your website speak volumes about your expertise and your credibility. Your web content must be well-written and easy on the eyes.

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