Prayers for family and country: health current events

Prayers for family and country

Prayers for family and country

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Candle lit for peaceful elections and prayers for family and country.

Re: Family
Morning mass, prayers and cemetery visit as we gather for Ma Edith’s forty days. Cousins discussions range from health, current events, history, etymology, etc. Level up/grown up talks, huh? Oh and lots of food, siempre. We miss you, Ma Edith+! Pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

Re: Country
I still believe in the good seed that God planted in each of us. And how discerning Filipinos are. That even if we were known to be a race who keep eating fire and drinking water. We have somehow levelled up from there. All these happenings are for us to learn and unlearn something. It saddens me how divisive this elections is. But I see all these as another storm. And just like all the rest that is metted to us, we will weather it. God will protect us not just from outside forces but from the enemy inside us. And be the people He chose us to be. Today, we pray over things and discern. On Monday we go out and vote.

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