Charlie – Jack Russel Terrier Chihuahua mix: current health issues

Charlie – Jack Russel Terrier Chihuahua mix

Charlie - Jack Russel Terrier Chihuahua mix

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Here is Charlie. Charlie is a perfect pet for an older person who wants a companion. He likes people, hugs, and face kisses by familiar people. Also, Charlie loves food! He also likes car rides & taking walks on a leash. He is older and sleeps a lot, but he definitely has little bursts of energy and happiness!

Charlie is a funny dog who can be silly and playful, and he gets excited when you return home. Charlie doesn’t do well with young children because he is afraid of being hurt. On the positive side, he eats and sleeps well, and faithfully uses the doggie door to go outside.

Charles Herbert is a Chihuahua mix. He has no current health issues other than being a bit overweight. When he lived at his previous owner’s home (4 years ago), he had several seizures and was on medication. However, these stopped after living with his new foster family for one month, and so we are supposing they were stress-induced. Occasionally Charlie takes 1/2 baby aspirin for arthritis, but then he revives. If his arthritis is ever bothering him, he is grouchy, and you just have to wait it out. It is best if he has his own bed where he can cuddle up in his adorable way ,,,

If you are interested in adopting this cute little dog, please fill out an adoption interest application on our website at Any questions, write to Thank you!

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