Example Advanced W. D. Gann Style Forecasting Method: April to September 2002 Bull Market in T-Bonds: business

In his book, “Time Projection & Technical Analysis,” author Catalin Plapcianu reveals intriguing planetary relationships in the spot T-Bond Market. Mr. Plapcianu, a Romanian engineer and mathematician, holds a Masters Degree in International Business. He brings a completely original approach to the impact of planetary influences to technical analysis and Gann Research.

Idyllwild, CA, September 12, 2011 (PressReleasePoint) — On page 98 in the book, Time Projection and Technical Analysis, Romanian engineer and mathematician, Catalin Plapcianu demonstrates one of his back tested forecasting charts. The chart covers the bull market from early April 2002 to the top in mid-September of 2002. In addition to this chart, the  hardcover text, published by the Sacred Science Institute, includes 210 charts demonstrating this novel approach to planetary-based time and price forecasting. Plapcianu’s novel methodology projects market tops and bottoms by projecting pairs or groups of planets into the future. He primarily uses the T-Bond market to exemplify his methods, though he does include examples from the Gold Futures, Forex, and S&P 500 markets.

Plapcianu’s charts cover the time period from 1980 to the present. This example highlights two key dates for Saturn and Mars interactions in the Spot 30 Year T-Bonds market. The first date in early April 2002 marks the end of a long-term bear market and and a sharp market vector change to a bull market. The second marker identified near mid-September marks the end of the upward vector and the beginning of a sideways top into early October, after which the market retraces by almost 50 percent over the following two weeks. Over the course of the bull market movement, T-Bonds rose in a low in the range of approximately 98.00 – 98.50 to the next indicated point approximately 112.50 to 113, or conservatively, 14 points, equal to $14,000 per contract for the five month move.

Plapcianu’s projections provide discrete dates on which to monitor the market being traded. The frequency of trigger dates depends on the planetary pairs the trader uses. The author’s novel approach demonstrates his unique discoveries by applying analysis based on his mathematical expertise. More sample time projection charts are available on the Sacred Science website. For example, calculations to construct a projection for one year for one planetary pair require approximately twelve pages of complicated mathematics. Market Analyst software, in conjunction with the Sacred Science Institute, has now embodied Plapcianu’s methods, freeing the reader from these extensive calculations. Plapcianu’s projections have proven to be highly accurate future timing points with a false signal ratio of less than twenty percent. The time projections usually prove to be exact plus or minus one day.

About Sacred Science Institute:
The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, and non-academic Research Institute dedicated to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in all fields of technology, science and philosophy.

The Sacred Science Institute is intent upon making accessible the wisdom traditions of a variety of cultures, both ancient and modern, focusing on their scientific, philosophical and spiritual traditions, so as to promote understanding and communication based upon the core teachings and principles of these great traditions. We feel that many cultural barriers may be overcome by developing a deeper understanding of the laws of nature and the universe, and by discovering the correspondences between the representational modes of logic and symbolism used by groups and individuals separated by space and time.
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