Cheaters Online

 There are a lot of people who will do anything just to get money. These people usually use the internet to fool as many people as they can to get money.

You will find them on internet dating sites. She/He could be that beautiful person you just met on the site or may be someone you’ve been talking to for a long time.

You need to be careful, and do not give them your money just like that, she/he will leave you right after you give her/him the money.


Here are things that these thieves could do and how you can avoid being fooled.

· He or She may use a picture of a beautiful/handsome woman/man so you would find her/him attractive

· Talk sweet to you and compliment you all the time

· Say she/he loves you even though you only talked to each other for a short time

· Always ask about what your job is, ask if you have a car, if you’re rich and anything related to money

· You always catch her/him lying

If she/he is too good to be true, then she/he probably isn’t

If she/he talks about how hard her/his life is, that someone from her/his family is sick and how poor they are, that they don’t have money, she/he probably just want you to give her/him money or want to use you as a milking cow or use your money tree.

It is really hard to find someone who would really love you especially at this time, finding an honest person is like one in a million.

Here are things that you should do to avoid these thieves and find true love.

· Investigate and interrogate as funny as it may seem, it’s not wrong to trust but it wouldn’t hurt to ask and clarify your thoughts

· Ask her/him about her/his life, then remember all her/his answers, then ask her/him the same questions again another time, if her/his answers did not match to her/his answers before.


The theft is probably the motive or they have a poor memory, stop talking to her/him either way. Don’t waste your time as you have already found out that they are a cheater.

Use a Webcam to see facial expressions to see if a person really means everything she/he say, check your chat mate’s facial expressions, does it match what she/he says? Webcams are also important to see if that person is really the one you are talking to.


Some people use other people’s picture, these are fake profiles, make sure that she/he is really the person in her/his profile photo

Try to meet her/him in person, its hard to show your feelings or give everything on the internet

If you’re sure that she’s/he’s honest, don’t let her/him go!

Get to know her/him more and maybe something will grow between the two of you and could lead to marriage or a happy relationship.

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