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Beautiful Girlhood

Beautiful Girlhood
List Price: $17.00

Beautiful Girlhood
List Price: $17.00
Your Price: $17.00- Beautiful Girlhood

The developmental years from childhood to adulthood are a fun experience for a young lass, also very boisterous and perplexing. Beautiful Girlhood written by Mabel Hale is a wondrous reference that will make the little gal learn the transitions she endures enthusiastically and substantially also to help her in the appropriate manners suitable for a little lass. Beautiful Girlhood includes: Opening Flowers; From the Child to the Woman; Keeping Up Acquaintance; Character Building; The Strength of Obedience; Making Herself Beautiful; That Member, The Tongue; A Sunny Disposition; The Beauty of Truthfulness; Sincerity; Ideals; Ambition; The Power of Purpose; Dreams; Friendships; An Accomplished Girl; The Oils of Life; Home-Life; A Conservation on Dress; When a Girl Goes Out; A New Awakening; A Christian; The Quiet Hour; Making friends of Books; Waking of the Love-Nature; Boy Friends; The Girl Who Can Be Trusted; Getting Ready for the Great Responsibility; Choosing a Life-Work; A Consecrated Life; A Pure Heart; A Few Faults Discussed; and A Full-Blown Rose. Freud defined this phase the latency period to denote that intimate emotions and attentiveness are taken secretly. The sensations that make the early “eternal triangle” with the parents diminish, and spontaneous vivacity for other hobbies and doings. Erik H. Erikson proved that ‘violent drives are normally dormant … a lull before the storm of puberty, when all the earlier drives re-emerge in a new combination, to be brought under the dominance of genitality.’ Latency period youths can later lead most of their liveliness into somatic activities including school, sports, and same-sex acquaintances: middle infantile specifically is made clear by ‘the importance of school, teams, classes, friends, gangs and organised activities … and the adults who run those.’

Your Price: $17.00 – Beautiful Girlhood

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