Dog Health Problems Related to Internal and External Parasites

Parasites are a major concern with dogs. They cause some major dog health problems. Parasite problems in dogs are divided into two categories. One is the internal parasites and the other is the external parasites. Both types of parasites cause a lot of dog health problems but the external parasites could be seen most often.

The external parasites such as Fleas, Ticks and Lice not only become nuisance to your pet but also they are able to cause skin rashes and also cause hair loss affecting your dog’s appearance. Therefore, you need to take these dog health problems serious. There are a few specific illnesses caused by external parasites such as Mange. These could be treated with different types of medications such as injections oral medicine and applications.

In addition to the treatment, you need to give your dog the proper care to prevent recurrence of these problems. You can buy the necessary sprays and shampoos that you need, in order to give proper skin care to your pet to prevent this type of dog health problems. It is better to spray the area the dog usually inhabits to destroy the eggs of the parasites.

External parasites also cause various types of dog health problems. The care to avoid internal parasites need to start when the pup is only a few months old. When you give worm treatment according to your veterinarian’s instructions, you could avoid all the problems caused by internal parasites. In order to have a healthy pet that is not threatened by the presence of internal parasites, you need to continue with worm treatment at regular intervals.

Regular worm treatment is able to avoid a lot of dog health problems caused by internal parasites. Some of the internal parasites that cause serious illnesses to dogs are the Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, Heartworms and Whipworms. All these worms could cause anemia and internal bleeding in dogs. If not properly controlled, these internal parasites could cause the death of your pet. However, regular worm treatment could control these dog health problems caused by internal parasites. Control of both internal and external parasites is important for the health of your pet.

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