Green Business is Good Business – Sustainable Resources Keep Businesses Viable

We hear a lot about “green marketing” these days. Small businesses to major corporations are trying to appeal to the greater environmental consciousness of consumers. Why? There’s money to be made. Research suggests that eco-minded consumers are willing to pay more money for green products, services, or even to deal with companies that demonstrate having an environmental conscience.

It’s Not Easy Being “Green”

Being a green business can mean much more than making a quick buck because of clever marketing playing on the current social climate. Creating environmentally friendly products or running an overall eco-friendly business can involve higher overhead costs (which may or may not be fully accounted for in increased prices – either way, it takes a bite out of those profits).

When a company decides to go green, they also take on a new image and social responsibility. They have to continually live up to the image they create, making sure other aspects of their business aren’t counterintuitive to the environmentally friendly mission their customers come to expect. Even one bad decision can become a green PR nightmare that alienates a company’s target market.

Green Business can be Good Business

If going green is more expensive, involves launching completely new marketing campaigns, and has the potential to make or break a company’s reputation with each little decision, why would companies invest so much time and money into being environmentally friendly?

For some businesses, sustainable resources mean more than happy customers. They mean sustainable business – ensuring that the resources needed to create their products (especially at prices consumers are willing to pay) don’t become depleted.

Case Study: Faraway Furniture

Faraway Furniture is a UK-based company offering contemporary indoor and outdoor garden furniture. We use grade A Javanese teak in the development of our teak garden furniture, because it is incredibly strong and nearly maintenance-free (making it an ideal choice for customers).

While the use of teak keeps customers happy, it’s a natural resource, and natural resources can become depleted. If this happened, we would eventually be out of business. This is a reason we only use sustainable plantation wood – limited amounts of trees can be cut down each year, and that must be met with equal restoration. We’re not only interested in appealing to our environmentally conscious customers and helping the environment. We know that doing both of those things is actually essential to our survival in business.

While going green is good for our business, we also have a genuine interest in the global community and doing our part to help the environment. Because of that, we have so far planted over 2500 trees through the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). We make sure our customers keep coming back, and we make sure we’ll always have the resources necessary to satisfy their demand for our products. That’s what it means to go beyond green marketing and be a truely green business.

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S. Aharony is the Director of Faraway Furniture (, a UK-based online indoor dining and garden furniture company dedicated to creating a greener and more sustainable business through the use of sustainable resources.

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