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*Working Towards a Better World

Today November 6, 2014 I have been thinking a lot about wealth and happiness, so decided to create a work putting wealth and happiness into context:

Happy Neighbors Are Good for You, Wealthy Ones Are Not


Wikipedia – Happiness Economics


OECD Better Life Index

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14 Responses to Wealth/Happiness: wikipedia happiness

  1. billyb108 back online says:

    agree with others sonia the happiness is what is important<br/>
    billyb108 back online

  2. giotòn off for a while says:

    Beautiful work, my friend.<br/>
    giotòn off for a while

  3. She Shores says:

    Yes the smiles are far more attractive than the dollars….very creative work Sonia!<br/>
    She Shores

  4. DinosaursAreNotDead says:

    Yes ! And that’s so true !!! What money is for if we are lonely and unhappy. Brilliant !!!! xoxoxoLOVE<br/>

  5. Maria Michalinos-www.debop.gr/deBlog/the-athenians says:

    Lovely message and creative work!<br/>
    Maria Michalinos-www.debop.gr/deBlog/the-athenians

  6. vhk.martin says:

    Thank you for sharing your Art and Vision !
    Gracias por compartir tu Arte y tu Vision

    Seen and Loved in

    Working Towards a Better World group.
    ❤️ WTBW ❤️

  7. imagejoe says:

    fanTasTiC !!!!!!!!!! FAV !!!!!!!!! JOE><br/>

  8. AnneJ ღ says:

    That`s a good message to portray my dearest Sonia, it shouldn`t ever be focus on the money….
    Enjoy your evening my love xoxox<br/>
    AnneJ ღ

  9. Fede Falces ( ...♥... ) says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siuokSj7tF8 … xo♥ox … =:o))))

    Gracias por compartir tu Arte y tu Vision / Thank you for sharing your Art and Vision !
    Seen and Loved in
    Trabajando por un Mundo Mejor / Working Towards a Better World group.
    ❤️ WTBW ❤️<br/>
    Fede Falces ( …♥… )

  10. WayneG. says:

    I thought you meant health and happiness.<br/>

  11. edwardbowthorpe says:

    Beautiful my dear friend,, eddie,xxx<br/>

  12. Fede Falces ( ...♥... ) says:

    … FANTASTIC, my dear Sonia!!! … so SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL message!!! … I LOOOOOVE it!!! … thanks a lot to add me in this one!!! … xo♥ox … =:o)))<br/>
    Fede Falces ( …♥… )

  13. BDRoth (Catchin' up) says:

    Very cool!! Love the happiness!<br/>
    BDRoth (Catchin’ up)

  14. Plácido Elías says:

    Bella y muy alegre,Sonia!!!<br/>
    Plácido Elías