A Simple Answer For Citizens Or Christians Upset by Current Events – The Call to Action

Contentment based on ignorance may allow for peace, but when we awaken to the facts, inner peace is no longer possible unless we act upon those facts. How’s your inner peace doing today? Don’t be upset by current events, you have the power to reclaim your peace. The question is, are you willing?

There is a great revival building in the United States. We live in a very active time politically and spiritually. Great change is on the way, the question is, what change?

Evidence of revival is twofold; the number of citizens who are speaking out with passion rather than continuing to just passively listen, and the number of Christians who are beginning to listen passionately rather than simply speaking idle words.

Is there a still small voice telling you to attend a town hall meeting, join a group, write a letter or open your Bible? If so, do it. That’s the simple answer to inner peace.

Our government and our churches have been doing unto us, resulting in a rise of discontent in both homes and pews. The tide will only turn if The People make it so. I don’t advocate any one strategy or policy; my only message today is to The People, who have both the power and responsibility to govern themselves.

Citizenship infers active status, requiring participation. It is not an honorary title bestowed at birth. Are you outraged when you hear the day’s news, or do you sigh in resignation? In either case, without action, you aren’t deserving of your title of citizen.

The majority of our citizens, according to every poll, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. What change will return the United States to prosperity of both economy and national vision? The change you make.

You must pay attention to the voice within you, whether it is a constant drumbeat or barely audible. Whether the voice is your conscience or the Holy Spirit, don’t just listen; it is your call to action.

The enemy of freedom is apathy. Our founders knew we would get the government we deserve. History has proven them right once again. Let’s deserve better.

Do you feel guilt or shame when you see a United States soldier deployed, wounded, or returned to our soil only to be buried under it? If you are ignoring the voice within, then guilt and shame are entirely appropriate emotions. Embrace them, they are your choice.

Peace, whether national or personal, requires commitment. Stand up. Speak up. Whatever that voice asks you to do, do it.

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Lynn Baber is a Christian writer, business woman and retired equine professional. She shares the lessons learned in thirty-five years at the business table and round pen with her clients and readers. Whether the topic is customer service or training stallions, Lynn has a unique perspective not found elsewhere. Lynn is the author of two books, the latest scheduled for release in early 2010.

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