PIONEER® Brand Corn Hybrids Revolutionizes Corn Cultivation in Bihar: business

Wide variety of Corn Hybrid offerings to bring significant yield increase for Bihar corn growers

Patna, INDIA, August 10, 2011 –With more than 80% of Bihar’s population employed in its agricultural production system, agriculture has been the cornerstone of the state’s economy. Supporting the state government’s seed plan, Pioneer Hi-bred, a DuPont business, has consistently offered corn hybrids in the past which has led to growth in yields, thereby improving the livelihood of farmers in Bihar. The total yield of corn in the rabi season of 2008-2009 was 3828kg/hectare, an increase from 2005-2006 seasons’ 3048kg/hectare and Pioneer® corn hybrids were major contributors to this growth.
In the last planting season alone, Pioneer® brand corn hybrids 30V92, 30B11, P3404 and P3785 were adopted by two lakh corn growers in Bihar with 30V92 occupying close to 25% of the total planted corn area, during the Rabi season.
“Pioneer has been working with the farmers of Bihar more than 30 years now and leads the industry with innovative technologies that reduce the time taken to bring new products to farmers, thus meeting specific agricultural growth challenges,” said Dr. K V Subbarao, country manager for PHI Seeds Private Limited, India. He added, “We look forward to introducing two new corn hybrids in the forthcoming Rabi season in Bihar, Pioneer® hybrid P3522 and P3396.”
New hybrid features

P3396 has a unique plant structure that enables growing of higher number of plants per acre. It has distinguishing features like excellent stalk rot tolerance, good stand ability and a high shelling percentage, while grown during appropriate cultivated conditions.

P3522 the new offering from Pioneer is set to further this corn revolution it initiated. It has a value based offering of big-sized cobs, excellent tip filling, attractive grain color, ability to grow higher number of plants per acre and being a consistent high yielder. With an offering of six distinct hybrids, Pioneer has the best wide ranging capability to offer superior hybrids to farmers and help achieve agricultural sustainability in Bihar.

For more than 30 years Pioneer has been developing and characterizing hybrid seed for farmers in India, while continuing to be one of the nations’s leading suppliers of improved seed varieties. New hybrid launches are the result of rigorous localized breeding and testing that helps ensure Pioneer meets customers’ needs on a field-by-field basis. Pioneer works closely with more than 2.5 million Indian farmers to get the right product on the right hectare to maximize their productivity and profitability. The company also strives to educate and train farmers on the scientific methods of cultivation, right agronomic practices and crop management techniques to improve corn yields and profitability during the post and pre season.

Pioneer began research and parent seed operations in India in 1970. Products developed and sold by Pioneer in India include corn, pearl millet, sunflower, hybrid rice and mustard.

Pioneer Hi-Bred ( ; a DuPont business headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering Success™.
DuPont ( is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 90 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

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