Health Alert – News Break on Inflammation – The Secret Killer

Inflammation is on the increase causing chronic pain, discomfort and poor health that may lead to serious disease! Learn what you can do to fight it…

Inflammation is a culprit that can lead to chronic pain and serious disease. It seems that you hear about the word inflammation every day on the news. Scientists are now linking inflammation with a wide variety of conditions including:

Although inflammation has not been pinpointed as th cause of all these conditions, it has been well-documented as playing a part in them – often intensifying the symptoms and effects.

So what exactly is inflammation, how can it effect you?

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to damage. This damage can arise from trauma, bacterial, viral or parasitic infection, stress, genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders and a host of other sources. Certain life style conditions can also contribute to inflammation: poor diet, stress, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking. Inflammation can cause redness, swelling, heat, pain and loss of function.

When you are injured, the inflammatory response immediately moves into action. White blood cells rush to the scene of the damage and begin to destroy the damaged cells, while sending out chemical signals that call for more help. That is when unstable molecules called free radicals are released. Free radicals, now considered key players in many diseases, start to attack the damaged area, destroying some healthy cells in the process. This new damage leads to yet another round of inflammation. And so the cycle of inflammation continues: called chronic inflammation. And that is when the trouble begins!

How inflammation affects your body over time?

Though you may not see or even feel inflammation, it may be silently burning within your body right now. Over time, this collective damage can spell trouble for the immediate area of inflammation as well as your overall health.

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