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Rising Health Care Costs: How to uncover stories

Rising costs are one of the biggest trends in health care, and SABEW has a session aimed squarely at how to cover that issue. Our panel will examine the cost of health care, from how insurers use the levers they have in policy design to curb costs, to whether drug companies are gouging payers with high drug prices. Just as importantly, we’ll discuss how journalists can best cover this important topic. This session will be helpful to health beat reporters as well as general assignment journalists.

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Anna Wilde Mathews, Wall Street Journal. Anna covers health insurance for the Wall Street Journal. She has worked for the Journal since 1996, and she has spent the last 11 years covering health, including a consumer column on health and money issues, pharmacy-benefit managers, the Food and Drug Administration, hospitals, and health policy.


Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press. Ricardo covers health care for the Associated Press. Over the years, he has covered a variety of Washington beats, including Congress, immigration, transportation, homeland security and budget. Before coming to AP in 2008, he worked for the Los Angeles Times, the Knight Ridder Washington bureau, and the Miami Herald. He has participated in AP’s coverage of the Affordable Care Act all the way through, from the 2009-2010 congressional debate, to the 2012 Supreme Court decision and the 2013-2014 rollout of the law’s main coverage expansion. AP is now laying the groundwork for covering the ACA’s2nd open enrollment season, which starts Nov. 15.

Susan Dentzer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Susan is Senior Policy Adviser to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  She serves as an on-air analyst on health issues with the PBS NewsHour and a commentator for National Public Radio. Dentzer served from 2008-2013 as the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs. She also previously led the NewsHour’s health policy unit, reporting extensively and offering analysis on-air. Dentzer is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine and the IOM’s Board on Population Health. She is also an elected member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a fellow of the National Academy of Social Insurance and the Hastings Center, a bioethics research institute.

Benjamin Isgur, PwC Health Research Institute. Benjamin is the director of thought leadership at PwC’s Health Research Institute, where he leads HRI’s Regulatory Center.  HRI is a dedicated research group that provides analysis on major health-related business issues. In this role, he develops policy related thought leadership and research initiatives for the firm and clients.  Ben is a published writer and his research is often cited by health leaders across the industry. In addition, he frequently speaks on a range of topics, including physician-hospital alignment, government policy, medical cost trends, consumerism, academic medicine and digital health. Prior to joining PwC he developed health policy as a legislative director in the Texas House of Representatives and as a government relations officer for the City of Austin.

For more information on ” Rising Healthcare Costs: How to uncover stories,” contact Mary Jane Pardue, 417-836-8834 or Kimberly Quillen at 602-444-8280.

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