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Why you must post press release to 40+ free PR sites?

Would you like to get more publicity from your press releases or drive more traffic to your website. You can easily get better results from your press release by posting it to many PR channels/websites to reach more viewers. There are more than 40+ free press release distribution websites on the internet. Submitting your press release to these 40+ free PR sites can attract more readers, journalist and media attention. Visitors to 40+ free press release sites reading your press release may also visit your website. As a net effect, your site starts attracting more and more traffic from direct and search users.

You have already written a nice press release. Why do you want to waste this opportunity to get better search ranking and site traffic?

Posting your press release to 40+ free PR sites can consume 5 to 8 hours of your valuable time. If you have time and patience you can do it yourselves,
But we can do it for a small fee. Just $15 for five to eight hours of work.

How to order this service.?
It costs $15 each for submitting press release to 40+ free press release websites. Scroll down and press the Add to Cart button after selecting the options and entering the quantiy of press releases you want to distribute. You will be taken to checkout page where you can verify or modify your selection and go to payment page.( Credit card payments are accepted through secure Google checkout(Recommended) or Paypal). Additional charges apply if you select optional services.

Submit PressRelease to 40+ Free PR Websites

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