PCCI publishes three articles in Health Affairs July themed issue: The impact of big data on healthcare: health and medicine articles

Dallas – In collaboration with national experts in informatics, health services research, health policy and law and ethics, PCCI researchers authored three articles in Health Affairs’ July themed issue, The Impact of Big Data on Healthcare, which “explores the promise of big data in improving health care effectiveness and efficiency.”

“There has been a lot of buzz about the concept of ‘big data,’ but the techniques involved are only now making their way into healthcare. “In ‘Big Data in Healthcare: Using Analytics to Identify and Manage High-Risk and High-Cost Patients,’ we identified a group of ‘use cases’ which hospitals can implement early on to substantially improve their efficiency, which will be pivotal to success under Accountable Care payment arrangements,” states David Bates, MD, MSc, chief of General Internal Medicine and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and professor of Health Policy and Management at Harvard School of Public Health, who co-authored this article with, among others, Anand Shah, MD, Vice President of Clinical Services at PCCI.

Ruben Amarasingham, MD, MBA of PCCI, I. Glenn Cohen of Harvard Law School, and Gabriel Escobar, MD of Kaiser Permanente also appear in the July Big Data issue. They are among fifteen experts who have started various collaborations that have sprung out of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation funded Predictive Analytics in Health Care Symposium held in Washington DC in September 2013.

With the goal of determining how the use of real-time healthcare predictive analytics can make the greatest positive impact on patient outcomes and costs, the symposium thought leaders explored fundamental challenges in the growing field such as patient privacy, data quality assurance, transparency and cost savings and legal and ethical concerns. They face these challenges head on in the Health Affairs themed issue, contributing significantly to the predictive analytics section of the issue.

“In our Health Affairs article, ‘The Legal and Ethical Concerns That Arise from Using Complex Predictive Analytics in Health Care,’ we build upon the formative conversations that began at the DC symposium, where we carefully considered policy, ethical, and legal questions surrounding big data and predictive analytics. Tackling these important and often overlooked issues is essential when seeking to capture the value of big data and predictive analytics to health care,” states Dr. Shah of PCCI.

Implementing electronic health care predictive analytics: considerations and challenges

Ruben Amarasingham, Rachel E Patzer, Marco Huesch, Nam Q Nguyen, Bin Xie.

The legal and ethical concerns that arise from using complex predictive analytics in health care

I. Glenn Cohen, Ruben Amarasingham, Anand Shah, Bin Xie, Bernard Lo.

Big data in health care: Using analytics to identify and manage high-risk and high-cost patients

David W Bates, Suchi Saria, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Anand Shah, Gabriel Escobar.

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