How to earn money from plants

How to earn money from plants

How to earn money from plants

This is a book especially for those that enjoy growing plants and could do with a few extra dollars in the bank.

Yes, it is possible, no thats not right, its not only possible but it very easy to make money by selling plants, even on a small scale to a community of only a few hundred houses its more than possible to add a lovely income to your household while serving the community.

Each one of my small books are priced at only 99c and cover a range of subjects, these


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  1. Anonymous says:
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    If you care about money, save the buck and find a blog instead., March 26, 2014
    This review is from: How to earn money from plants (Kindle Edition)
    This claims to be a book on how “very easy” it it to make money from “plants.” He doesn’t really give a hint as to what types of plants in the description or introductory material. The only plants I can think of that would be as profitable as Mr. Bowman suggests are not legal in this country.

    He claims “Profiting from plants is very easy as a back yard grower” (Why? Because the sun and soil provide 90% of the energy required… wish I’d known that during the years I was putting in all that energy as a gardener!)

    It is clear even just from coming near this book that the author…
    – Does not understand punctuation
    – Admits to hiring “a Chinese person whose english is worse than mine” to edit his book
    – Confuses the words profiting and profiteering.
    – Suggests you can make “X amount of money 3 times a year”

    It also seems highly possible that he…
    – Does not have any discernible experience growing plants, for profit or otherwise.
    – Has never been near a plant, thus had to use a picture of a fake farm for the cover.
    – Could really benefit from taking a writing course.

    Sure, it costs under a buck, but I’m offended with stuff like this cluttering up the Kindle shop. At 3000 words, this “book” is barely longer than an article. Find a good gardening / urban farming website, blog or forum… you’ll learn more in a week for free than you will “profiteer” from Mr. Bowman’s book.

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