Grimm's Reggie Lee Weighs In on His Character's 'Primal,' Brave Wu World News]

Grimm's Reggie Lee Weighs In on His Character's 'Primal,' Brave Wu World
The Grimm producers couldn't have conjured better conditions for a location shoot if they'd had Adalind's magic hat and all seven keys at their disposal. It's mid-February, and the recently renewed NBC drama is filming part of Season 5, Episode 18 at a …
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Tribeca Film Review: Ricky Gervais' 'Special Correspondents'
… functional cinematography and Dickon Hinchliffe's equally safe, poppy score. Just as its characters' confined apartment hideout poses as a virtual-reality Ecuador, the film's bland aesthetics make it a VOD-ready TV movie masquerading as a genuine …
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Why enterprise developers could save Windows 10 Mobile
Patron used to work for Microsoft as a marketing executive, but he isn't betting on the floundering mobile OS for old times' sake. "Businesses have always used Windows applications, and Microsoft has made it much easier to write for Windows mobile …
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