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'Destiny' Is Crossing An Uncomfortable Line By Selling Full Sets Of Armor
While I've suggested Bungie sell ships and cosmetic class items and shaders before, as I understand their desire and need to make money, something bothers me about putting both full new armor sets in here. … items added in this new expansion (and …
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10 Things to Avoid When Buying a New Bike
Try to do more than a simple pedal around the parking lot; some local bike dealers have demo bikes you can rent or borrow, and many bike manufacturers offer free demo days at shops and parks throughout the year. Talk to a … Definitely test ride a …
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It's 2016 And Warframe Is Still An Excellent Free-To-Play Game
For me, it's a point of pride that I don't spend money on free to play games. Spending … The only reminders that you should spend money are located deep within customization menus or in the store, which is a console in your ship that you can easily …
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