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Audience eats up Edmonton dietitian's advice on popular nutrition website
I'm just trying to lure people in with the food, and then provide a bit of education at the same time.” There is a common misconception that preventing and managing health issues is only about your diet and exercise regime, she says. “It's all connected.
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Why We're All Going Nearsighted
Half of the world will be nearsighted by 2050. That's the prediction of a new paper published in the journal Ophthalmology. Of those 5 billion people who'll need glasses to see distances, the study also predicts that one-fifth will also be at high risk …
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This foodtracking necklace hears what you eat
Each food as it's chewed has its own unique sound and the device can help people suffering from diabetes, obesity, bowel disorders and other ailments by enabling them to better monitor their food intake and improve how they manage their conditions.
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