DA says Boone Best Western was a 'deathtrap;' plea deal reached in carbon

DA says Boone Best Western was a 'deathtrap;' plea deal reached in carbon
District Attorney Seth Banks said he hoped the fact that Appalachian Hospitality Management pleaded guilty to three counts of manslaughter will resonate with others businesses — that "if they choose to value making money at the expense of public …
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Why pay to play when you can watch for free? How YouTube burns indie developers
Now, of course, this doesn't mean That Dragon, Cancer made no money, but after paying off the expenses required to make the game (such as staff wages, loan repayments, and the music from composer Jon Hillman), Ryan and Amy Green were left without a …
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Jay Leno enjoys life after late-night TV
“How bad a businessman are you when you can't make money selling Americans gambling, booze and red meat? How do you screw that up?” Around town. Echoes, a Pink Floyd tribute band, performs a free show in the Golden Nugget Showroom on Friday …
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