Guess Which Kardashian Sister Hasn't Worked Out in Months

Guess Which Kardashian Sister Hasn't Worked Out in Months
Kendall told PeopleStyle that ever since the show in November, she's been slacking off with her diet and exercise routine because she feels like she's on "vacation." "I've been really, really bad and I literally haven't worked out once since the …

Fitness Plan Day 79– Increase your protein intake to build lean muscle
When you have skipped too many workout sessions over the week because you are too busy, something is always better than nothing. Here's a fitness plan that you can follow without compromising on your work, and burn a few calories throughout the day.
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Should schoolchildren be made to run a mile every day?
There is no easier form of exercise than running. You put … So what better thing to teach kids – especially in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic – than the fact that fitness can be free, easy and most importantly fun, as you chat to your …
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