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Is It Time To Write Off Checks?
A 2013 report by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General said 91 percent of Postal Service customers choose to receive bills by mail, but want to pay them online. Only 37 percent of consumer bills … Check cashers nowadays offer banklike …
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Startups Need Relationships Before They Ask for Money
That means you may need to spend twelve months building relationships before you can successfully raise money. Relationship fundraising, as opposed to … For my last company, Outbox, a service that digitally delivered all of your snail mail to you …
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The Super Bowl of Drone Racing Will Offer Million in Prize Money
“As digital 360-degree VR improves, we will see the racing and competition formats expand to accommodate for the technical innovations,” Rex says. “VR would make things a lot more realistic, further transporting your consciousness into the seat of the …
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