'Hello, stranger!' might be start of successful business

'Hello, stranger!' might be start of successful business
They started ViralSweep, a business that helps companies run sweepstakes and marketing campaigns online. Massaro and Kovar say their complimentary skills are what drove them to do business together. Kovar does ViralSweep's programming and Web …
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Will e-commerce companies (n)ever make money?
Another e-commerce CEO suggested that in a fast-growing market, growth is the only metric worth going after. In other words: we cannot waste time trying to make money now, when customers are falling over themselves to shop with us, but we will think …
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Jack Savage's Forest Journal: The weather can be a fickle business partner
And while the decorum on that forum is refreshingly upbeat, even there some suggested that if making money is the goal, one might better invest the $ 1 million plus in something other than maple. In other words, maple sugaring might be a quick way to …
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