Physical Education Assessment Toolkit

Physical Education Assessment Toolkit

Physical Education Assessment Toolkit

  • Bound-in CD-ROM – PDFs of each reproducible are provided for duplication, including posters that can be printed on letter-sized or larger paper in color or in black and white
  • Reproducible template generic forms may be completed easily to address the specific topic, concept, or skills at hand, allowing you to tailor assessments to your students’ needs and abilities
  • Sample units that are designed using the backward design model of curriculum development, three complete units show how to transform blank reproducible into highly practical assessment tools
  • Title: Physical Education Assessment Toolkit
  • Number of Pages: 260 +

-Tailor assessments to every topic, skill, and concept taught in physical education.-Help students make connections between concepts to enhance learning.-Meet a wide range of learning styles and teach to all intelligences, including linguistic, spatial, visual, and kinesthetic. -Incorporate learning into the assessment process by calling on various levels of thinking, such as recall, summary application, and evaluation.In today’s physical education framework, the demands on your time an

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