Make money better: time to look at P2P lending regulations News]

Make money better: time to look at P2P lending regulations
Lending to small companies is not the backbone of the banking industry – banks have many high-value activities that P2P sites will not replace (wealth management, letters of credit, etc.) It's more accurate to say that, even if it takes off, P2P …
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Paychex Is Paying A Safe 3.6% Dividend Yield
We believe its dividend is very safe and offers at least average growth prospects, making it a good fit for our Conservative Retirees dividend portfolio. … and a fully outsourced human resource solution (e.g. on-site personnel, employee handbooks, etc.).
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We should make our digital navigation systems more human. Here's how
Most digital navigation systems, whether online (such as Google Maps) or location-based (such as a GPS), give directions based on precise quantitative information, such as measurements in feet or metres. By contrast, humans are much more vague – they …
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