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Well | Fit Body, Fit Brain and Other Fitness Trends
But this year, interest among scientists in exercise and brain health seemed to reach a critical mass. Many of the new studies highlighted previously unexplored ways in which exercise changes our brains and minds. One of my favorites was a brain-scan …
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Well | Coffee Tied to Lower Risk of Dying Prematurely
The association persisted after controlling for age, alcohol consumption, B.M.I. and other health and diet factors. Coffee drinking was linked to a reduced risk of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, neurological diseases and suicide, although …
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Well | Traditional Toys May Beat Gadgets in Language Development
Baby laptops, baby cellphones, talking farms — these are the whirring, whiz-bang toys of the moment, many of them marketed as tools to encourage babies' language skills. But in the midst of the holiday season, a new study raises questions about …
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