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Millennials Really Don't Like Debt, Aren't Into Credit Cards
The report indicated that, if you run a company that offers financial advice to millennials, the market is ripe. Young people spend plenty of … People in this age category tend to be likely to save, with 86 percent saying they stash away some money …

TECH TALK: TravelersBox helps make use of your leftover foreign currency
A delegation made up of Japanese electronic and cyber-company executives arrived in Israel this week to participate in Cybertech 2016 on January 26 and 27 in Tel Aviv. In recent years, Japanese research institutes have been going to great lengths to …
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Used smartphones: How to buy one that's worth your money
It's unlikely you'll end up buying a stolen phone from a store, says Alex Sebastian, who co-founded Orchard to make it easier for people to buy and sell used phones. But he says there's still a risk that a phone has been repaired with a … Sebastian …

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What Does Software Engineering Involve?

The first point that has to be made about software engineering has to do with …

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