14 Tips to Travel Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain News]

14 Tips to Travel Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain
Have fun while being healthy! It is often considered a "downer" to eat healthy and workout on a trip. I don't totally relate to this one but I know this is a truth. So find ways to see eating right, being active, not sabotaging yourself as FUN! Imagine …
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Are You Skinny Fat?
My excuse is consistent: I'm "allergic" to sweat and often get sneeze-y and itchy for days after a workout. (Which, in my defense, is totally a thing—although my assumption remains undiagnosed by a doctor.) All signs point me to the term "skinny fat …
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23, 30 New Year Fitness Fun, 1 p.m., Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District, 19901 Stony Island Ave., Lynwood, Ill. 708.758.0090, ext. 26. glpld.org. PKAY offers energizing and innovative forms of exercise, fitness and nutrition for the New Year open …
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