What's eating Silicon Valley

What's eating Silicon Valley
There are a lot of young people, generally from very good colleges, making more money than most people will ever see. These are summer …. Getting a car on demand, finding something online, business productivity tools, connecting with people—these …
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Determination breeds inspiration to handle fibromyalgia
Shaylor, then in her mid-50s, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1995. "I was always a really hard worker," she said. "I think I overworked my body, now that I look back on it." Growing up, Shaylor would babysit kids and mow lawns to make money. As an …
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December Jobs Report: How Many Gig Economy Workers Are There, Really?
Last month, Krueger co-authored a discussion paper with the Brookings Institution that estimates about 600,000 people currently work in the online gig economy, or 0.4 percent of the total labor force. Two-thirds of them drive for Uber alone, the …
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Program teaches local students to manage money
Banzai, an online software program, forces students to make real-life financial decisions like pay rent and buy food, then figure out how to cover the expense. “It made them think about where to save and where to take money from,” Heinemeyer said. Eric …
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