5 diet habits of healthy women News]

5 diet habits of healthy women
To get started, you may find it helpful to stick to similar foods each morning, nothing too complex—think egg whites, organic berries, spinach, and avocado. Or just stick to a smoothie. … Following a workout, your body is in recovery mode and your …
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New year brings new gym challenges
As the new year rolls in, so do resolutions urging people to get in shape. But sometimes the farther from Jan. 1 the calendar runs, the lower the motivation for people to actually lace up their tennis shoes to get on the treadmill or to settle for …
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How I Lost 30 Pounds Without Bootcamps, Diets or Rules—And You Can, Too
Until I came upon something I'd forgotten about altogether: stacks and stacks of notepads, calendars, journals and checklists. I've been an habitual list maker from a very young age—not recounting the details of my day, but rather declaring outrageous …
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