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China's Didi Kuaidi Wants To Make Money With New Auto E-Commerce Platform
The company also helps car dealers selling online by designing targeted advertising based on its user data. Didi plans to add e-commerce functions such as pricing and demand projections, with the goal of letting e-commerce become “ part of Didi's …
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Gustavo López: Selling influence online
But three years after launching VoxFeed, which connects companies seeking online advertising with volunteers willing to promote them on social media, he has raised $ 2.25m and built a brand valued at $ 8m with $ 2.5m of revenue expected this year and …
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Can courts stop Obama's gun rules? It's unlikely
If you principally want to make money, you're dealing. If you're … If you sell only online or at gun shows, you can still be a dealer. That seems logical enough. Second, the ATF implies that quantity and frequency of sales matters. Here the ATF …
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