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Why 2016 Could Be a Difficult Year for Sommeliers
Restaurateurs were being sued for big money for subsidizing kitchen help and management functions out of tip pools, and hiring more sommeliers was hit on as a reliable solution to the changing landscape. … A winery can make twice as much on a bottle …
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Wrigley's executive wants to add gum, mints to your online shopping list
Back to supporting Hubba Bubba, back to launching Juicy Fruit in new varieties, like new Juicy Fruit Starburst flavors, which has been a big win for us. We whittled down all the things that weren't working and then we added new things to the core to …
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3 Ways to Keep Your Medication Costs Down
"Make sure you are being prescribed the generic form of the medication," says Haidar Al-Saadi, medical director of Lakes Urgent Care clinic in Livonia, Michigan. If there's a generic version of a big brand-name medication, the generic is almost always …
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How Delta masters the game of overbooking flights
Delta started this practice back in 2011, and it works like this: When passengers on overbooked flights check in online or at the check-in kiosk, they're asked what the dollar value of the travel voucher they would accept as compensation for …
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